Alberto Soto Cortés, PhD.

Doctorate, master’s and bachelor’s degree in History from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Dr. Alberto Soto Cortés has experience in different fields of history, art, and cultural policy. He has conducted research on issues related to the art market and legislation, cultural institutions, representations of otherness, cultural transfers in non-bordering societies, visual culture, cultural policies, and cultural cooperation. Dr. Soto has special interest in engravings and prints, not only because of their relationship with other artistic manifestations, but also as references of visual culture. Founding member and consultant since 1997 of Haciendo Historia, S.C. y de Maramargo, S.C., as well as for cultural institutions regarding policies, projects, administration of cultural properties, among other topics.

Dr. Soto is member of the Academic Council of the Department of Art. He is ascribed to the departmental research lines “Aesthetics, visual culture, and imaginaries in Latin America and the Caribbean” and “Art and Education.” He has participated in publications, conferences, and curatorship. Director of the Art Department of Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

Sites and more information:

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