Sara Gabriela Baz Sánchez, PhD

Doctorate in History from El Colegio de México, master’s degree in Historiography of Mexico from UAM, master’s degree in Art Studies from Universidad Iberoamericana, and a bachelor’s degree in Art History from the same institution (1998). Since 1999, Dr. Baz has served as a teacher, researcher, archivist, and coordinator of more than 30 national and international exhibitions. Dr. Baz’s experience in museums dates back to the year when she joined the research area of the Museo Nacional del Virreinato (INAH)( National Museum of the Viceroyalty). Between 2007-2015, she was deputy director of exhibition, deputy technical director, and academic deputy director at the Museo Nacional de Arte (INBA )( National Museum of Art). She was a CONACyT fellow from 2002-2004 and from 2005-2008. Within the framework of the INAH National Awards (2005), Dr. Baz obtained the Edmundo O ‘Gorman Award for the best master’s thesis. She has taught courses in the Department of History and in the Certificate course in Art Studies, coordinated by the Directorate of Continuing Education of the Universidad Iberoamericana, as well as Curatorship and Management courses in the Certificate course in Museums of the Academia de San Carlos (UNAM). She is the author of 18 published articles and has experience in cultural management, editing and proofreading. She was director of the Museo Nacional del Virreinato (INAH) from March 2015 to September 2016, and director of the Museo Nacional de Arte (INBA) from 2016-2018.

Dr. Baz is currently a full-time professor in the Department of Art of the Universidad Iberoamericana, with lines of research in historiography and emblematic.

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