Ariel Arnal, PhD.

Doctorate in Humanistic Studies from Rovira i Virgili University at Tarragona, master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in History from Universidad Iberoamericana and University of Barcelona, respectively. Dr. Arnal is a specialist in visual history, film, and photography. He has a specialization in Architectural Heritage from the Museum of History of Barcelona City. In Mexico and abroad, he has published work on photography of the Mexican Revolution, the Spanish and Chilean exile in Mexico, documentary film, iconography, and religious symbolism. In this regard, his most outstanding work includes the photography of Juan Crisóstomo Méndez, the construction of the Zapatista iconography, the photographer of Rodrigo Moya, as well as the documentary film of Patricio Guzmán. He has been a visiting professor at various Mexican institutions, as well as institutions in Chile, Central America, Spain, France, and Russia.

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Ariel Arnal