Olga María Rodríguez Bolufé, PhD

Postgraduate Coordinator of the Department of Art

Doctorate in Art History, (UAEM y Casa Lamm, 2005), master’s degree in Art Studies (ULA, 1996) and a bachelor’s degree in Art History (Universidad de La Habana, 1988). Specialist in Latin American and Caribbean art; Dr. Rodríguez’s research has focused on the study of artistic relations between countries in the region, with four books of individual authorship: Ojos que ven, corazón que siente (Eyes that see, Heart that feels) (ULA, 2007); Relaciones artísticas entre Cuba y México: momentos claves de una historia (Artistic relations between Cuba and Mexico: key moments in a history) (1920-1950) (ULA, 2011); Altri Sguardi, Altre Interpretazioni. The Cuban portrait dagli inizi del seculo XIX alla Rivoluzione (University of Udine, 2011); La pintura cubana en el siglo XIX: otras miradas a una historia (Cuban painting in the XIX century: other views of a history) (ULA, 2015); and other publications in Mexico and abroad. Member of the National System of Researchers, level 2, and of the Asociación Mexicana de Estudios del Caribe (AMEC) (Mexican Association for Caribbean Studies). She is a member of the Editorial Board of Arte Ibero Nierika Magazine, and has served as a reviewer for publications of the INAH, FCE, as well as for the universities of Ciudad Juárez, Murcia y Bogotá, among others. Dr. Rodríguez was a visiting scholar at the University of Lyon-II, France. She is the postgraduate coordinator of the Department of Art and of the departmental line of research «Aesthetics, visual culture and imaginaries in Latin America and the Caribbean», with the project «Potentialities of anachronisms in Latin American and Caribbean art: critical connections between past and present.» She served as technical manager of the Interdisciplinary Research Group «Subjectivities and representation: new generations in Mexico» at Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City, and is part of the CLACSO Working Group «Hegemonies and resistance in Latin America and the Caribbean». She is a member of the collegiate bodies of the Department of Art of the Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.


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