Luis Javier Cuesta Hernández, PhD

Bachelor’s degree and doctorate in Art History from University of Salamaca, Spain. Specialist in medieval and renaissance architecture, as well as vice-regal art in Mexico. Author of the books Arquitectura del Renacimiento en Nueva España: Claudio de Arciniega, maestro mayor de la obra de la Iglesia Catedral de esta Ciudad de México (Renaissance Architecture in New Spain: Claudio de Arciniega, leading master of the work of the Cathedral Church of this Mexico City), and Ut Architectura poesisRelaciones entre arquiitectura y literatura en la Nueva España durante el siglo XVII (Relations between architecture and literature in New Spain during the XVII century), published by Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, in 2009 and 2013, respectively. Dr. Cuesta’s research project, included in the departmental research line “Aesthetics, visual culture and imaginaries in Latin America and the Caribbean”, is: “ The architecture and sculpture of New Spain in the XVII. A cultural history. Relations with the Hispanic kingdoms.” He belongs to the National System of Researchers, level 1. Director of the Division of Humanities and Communication of Universidad Iberoamericana.

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